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      1. Hello, welcome to Zhangjiagang Panfeng Technology Co., Ltd.
        Founded in 1969, Zhangjiagang Panfeng Technology Co., Ltd. has a long history and is conveniently located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta. After years of development, our company has become an industrial company with professionalization, technology and internationalization as its integration, research and development, production and marketing. The company specializes in the production of rapier looms, air jet looms, fixed creels, blade type high speed winders, single-strand (multi-strand) double twisting machines, double-strand cord straight twisters, multi-strand parallel machines seven series Ten specifications of textile machinery products. Among them, rapier looms and air jet looms occupy 90% of the national market share.

        Contact information:

        Zhangjiagang Panfeng Technology Co., Ltd.
        Address: Yinyuan Road, Luyuan, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang City
        phone:0512-58471920 / 58352807 Mobile phone:18901563608
        Fax:0512-58471876 / 58352801 E-mail:sjf200865@126.com